Subscription Services, USSD, Micro Payments and Mega Promos are what our clients offer to the public. Our offerings are the bearers/applications that our clients need to enable their business.

Depending on your requirements and technical capabilities, Mira can both host and manage your full content service, enabling you to focus on marketing. Alternatively, low level integration to our platform is made possible via our HTTP or SMPP API.

For example, in terms of Subscription Services, our full service includes content, subscriber, opt-in management, billing and other applications (see below), whereas our partial service depends on our clients’ infrastructure and expertise.

We’re all about making your service work for you, whatever it takes. Please click for more information on our offerings.

Here’s a description of the applications we offer:

Thanks to our partnership with Everlytic, we enable our clients to send bulk SMS and email from a web browser.

Subscriber Base Management involves opt-in, service messages and subscriber billing.

Our Content Management System hosts and delivers your content for subscription or ad-hoc purchases. Digital rights management is enabled for music downloads.

The push marketing API attaches a unique token to a MSISDN. The token is carried through to a landing/confirmation page. It could also be used in conjunction with opt-in management for MSISDN detection.

Opt-in Management is used for network compliant web conversions for services requiring carrier billing.It may also be used in conjunction with push marketing. Operator header enrichment is enabled on landing pages for MSISDN detection.

Mira’s Core is the central hub responsible for routing every message we send or receive to the appropriate destination. It logs all events into a database for reliable billing and reconciliation.

Integration to the Mira core is possible via either HTTP or SMPP API.

First line support for queries from consumers, mobile network operators and regulators via our highly-experienced call center agents, backed by an IVR system and our in-house call center software.

We provide daily and monthly statistics on the performance of your service, e.g. MO, MT and billing traffic and statistics from our landing page renderer.In addition, custom reports may be requested to give you insight into any aspect of a campaign.