service offerings

We enable these four main services offerings for our clients:

Subscription Services

We enable the delivery of mobile content that sees users subscribing to a variety of services (e.g. ringtones, sport notifications, wallpapers). These services are then paid for via the subscriber’s mobile account.

Full Service

Perhaps our most popular option, the full service option sees clients marketing the service only, while we manage the subscriber base, content, opt-ins, billing and compliance.

This option frees up our clients to focus on their business and the marketing of their products while we take care of the technical aspects. It also means that our clients are not required to outlay any expenditure on technical infrastructure.

Partial Service

A partial service is available for clients with existing technical infrastructure, who prefer to make use of their own content management systems, handle their own subscriber base, billing renewals and compliance.

We handle opt-ins via the landing page manager, as well as the push marketing API. Our service also includes call centre reporting, billing and account management.

Clients may integrate directly to Mira via SMPP or HTTP API.

Micro Payments

Micro Payments involve single, once-off purchases and are generally used for in-app purchases and in-game top-ups etc. Micro Payments can be done either via carrier billing (OBS/EBB) or via premium SMS.

USSD Applications

USSD applications are menu-driven services, which may be hosted either by ourselves or our clients.
Client-hosted: Clients host the USSD menu and integrate with Mira via HTTP API.
Mira hosted: We host the USSD menu via XML Natter.

Mega Promos

Mega Promos are large-scale marketing promotions that are usually run via premium SMS and which are subject to certain rules and regulations.

With its extensive experience in hosting Mega Promos, Mira is able to advise on all the technical and compliance aspects related to running successful campaigns. Our infrastructure can handle the large SMS volumes required by such promos.