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Mira Networks & Premium Billing

  • Mira Networks has extensive experience around Premium Billing.
  • Our infrastructure is tailor made to enable customers to plug in to our platform in a seamless way.
  • Since the inception of Premium Billing, Mira Networks pioneered the technology with all the Networks.
  • Through this Mira has learnt how to operate MO billing and MT billing in a secure reliable manner, mainly due to the nuances that exist within the billing platforms at the Networks.
What is Premium Billing?

Premium Billing, or Mobile Terminated billing (MT billing), is when a message is paid for when it is received on a handset, via a cell phone contract account or prepaid account for the particular handset.

Mira’s premium billing software can enable your business with following mobile bearer services:

  • Premium MO
  • Premium MT
  • OBS & EBB (Event Billing)
  • WAP Billing
  • Premium USSD (Vodacom Only)
  • Premium IVR (Vodacom only)
Mira's MT Billing System
  • Easy Interconnect (HTTP or SMPP) for delivery and billing purposes between Mira and the client.
  • Fully transactional, ACID Compliant Billing and MT Delivery System.
  • Point to Point Connection to carriers for secure delivery.
  • MT delivery receipts and billing feedback.
Services That Use Premium Billing Technology

Premium Billing is typically used for:

  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly Subscription services.
  • Web / WAP payment services.
  • Digital content services.
  • Membership / Club services.
  • Chat Services.
  • Voting and SMS Competitions.

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