No Spam Policy

No Spam Policy

Mira is a member of WASPA, and as such complies with all regulations and industry best practice. In 2005, Mira was part of the group of companies that signed a very comprehensive and well-considered code of conduct, which governs the way we interact with and protect consumers with cell phone data.

WASPA Code of Conduct

The WASPA Code of Conduct seeks to ensure that members of the public can use mobile services with confidence, assured that they will be provided with accurate information about all services and the pricing associated with those services. The Code aims to equip customers and consumers with a mechanism for addressing any concerns or complaints relating to services provided by WASPA members, and a framework for impartial, fair and consistent evaluation and response to any complaints made.

The Code of Conduct also sets standards for advertising mobile application services, and includes a framework for the provision of adult services, to ensure adequate protection of children from potentially harmful content.

For a full copy of the WASPA Code of Conduct, visit