about us

SA’s top mobile aggregator, we provide leading-edge connectivity, billing tools, subscription-base management and content management to our global client base.

our team and our clients


The company now known as Mira Networks was founded in 2004 by Sean Conde and Alan Zimmerman. Established when the wireless application service provider (WASP) model was first introduced in South Africa, we have now grown to become one of the biggest WASPs in the country with a reputation for excellent and innovative service.

Over the years, Mira has successfully adapted to the dynamic environment in which it operates. Its suite of leading-edge value-added services and applications, designed in response to client needs, has been developed and is constantly improved.

our platform

Our in-house development team is responsible for the development and innovation of our robust platform. With the regular delivery of successful mobile campaigns, it has demonstrated its ability to reliably handle substantial volumes.

As our platform is scalable, we can easily deploy new instances of core applications when required. All of its components are connected via durable queues. This enables us to change the queue routing easily in order to deal with increased load or component failure, which means no loss off traffic.

With Mira as your partner, you can confidently execute your mobile campaign.

why us?

We take care of the details of your connectivity so you can take care of the details of your business.

Adaptability: Our ability to adapt to an ever changing regulatory and network environment, while minimizing impact on our clients, has kept us ahead of the pack.

Reliability: We have a reputation for reliability no matter what. We do what we say and we take great steps to ensure that our technical service to you continues uninterrupted.



We make use of multiple leased lines and hosting facilities on three continents. That means we have ample redundancy measures in place, in case of any node failures.



We have a 24-hour emergency technical support service for emergency messaging issues.



By working closely with our clients to make sure that all the correct elements are in place we ensure the accuracy and efficiency of our billing, monitoring and reconciliation service.